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Massage Services
Therapeutic Massage Treatments 
All of my massages incorporate warm towels and essential oils pressed from flowers and herbs which promote detoxification and lymphatic drainage.
I also have a shower facility available for your convenience.
This massage focuses on certain areas of the body and is a great introduction to the enjoyment of massage therapy.
30 min $40
Swedish / Therapeutic Massage 
A classic style of massage incorporating long strokes helping to relax tense muscles and allowing for total relaxation of body and mind.
60 min. $70
75 min. $90
90 min. $110
Deep Tissue Massage 
Ideal for those with chronic muscle pains, arthritis or tension headaches. Massage techniques used help to increase joint flexibility, range of motion and help to break down adhesions.
60 min. $80
75 min. $100
90 min. $120
Hot Stone Massage
Warm stones are massaged over the body to relax muscle tissue, allowing for a deep penetrating massage relieving tension and stress.
75 min.  $100
90 min.  $130
Bamboo Fusion
A wonderful luxurious full body treatment using "warmed" bamboo tools designed for relaxation and deep tissue work you will love!
75 min.   $100
Prenatal Massage  
Our prenatal massage is specifically designed for pregnant women to help relieve common pregnancy discomforts and promote mother and baby wellbeing. Pregnancy massage is very gentle and effective and has many benefits for the mother, such as increasing energy, easing aches and pains and releasing stress and tension in the lower back and abdomen.
60 min.  $80  
90 min.   $100
Barefoot Compressive Deep Tissue
A slow, deep, potent, Trigger Point therapy done on a floor mat. This therapy is designed to provide relief from chronic muscle pain caused by stress, injury or fatigued muscles. Work is done using the therapist's foot as the main tool for delivery. The broader more rounded surfaces of the foot allow the therapist to accomplish deeper work more comfortably than with the traditional use of the hands and elbows. This innovative technique is based on up-to-date scientific principles of muscular restoration. It is perfect for people who crave deeper work but appropriate for anyone with soft tissue pain. Loose, comfortable clothing is worn for this massage modality.
75 mins        $95
An Eastern form of pressure point massage done on the soles of the feet and lower leg. Areas on the soles reflex to other organs in the body whereby massaging the feet restores the flow of body energy. A 10-minute foot soak precludes your soleful experience. Not recommended during pregnancy.
30 mins     $45
50 mins     $70
Asian Fusion Foot Therapy
This is pure Asian tradition with an Ame exotic 10-minute soaking in our special oriental green tea. Flowers are added as symbolic gesture of washing away bad luck according to Asian cultures. Your feet & calves are annointed with soothing essential oils followed by 20 minutes of heavenly massage.
30 mins     $45
The body is put through a series of passive movements and range of motion.
30 min.    $50 
Ear Candling
This soothing & relaxing treatment is used to relieve pressure, wax buildup, and inner-ear blockage.
30-40 min      $45
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